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The tropical island of Guam is located in the mid about 3,360 kilometers west of Honolulu, Hawaii, 1,357 kilometers southeast of Tokyo, 1,987 kilometers southeast of Seoul, and 3,337 kilometers southeast of Vladivostok.

A United States territory, Guam offers a safe,  secure, and uniquely tropical resort destination featuring pristine beaches and emerald blue beaches and oceans.

A new Guam Russian Visa Waiver Program now permits Russian visitors to enjoy a visit Guam without U.S. visas, under parole authority, for up to 45 days.

Enjoy swimming, scuba diving, golf, parasailing, sky diving, sightseeing, dining, nightlife, shopping and other leisure activities.
Troika Guam Tours can make your visit a memorable and lasting one.

Contact Guam Troika Tours for all your hotel and tour arrangements.

Enjoy your visit!

Enjoy the unique experience of the Guam tropical paradise. Lounge on our white sandy beaches and enjoy our spectacular sunsets or shop at our many exclusive gallerias and boutiques. Whatever you choose to do, we have it all for you.


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